2018 Career Planning with Michael DeVellis

2018 Career Planning Session with Michael DeVellis
NEW YORK CITY & Los Angeles

What separates master makeup artists from those that are merely makeup technicians? What can you do to make your makeup applications more successful and make the money you want to make? How can you become more comfortable in communication on set and in your project planning?

One surefire way is to learn as much as you can about the processes and crafts that help to make your work the best it can be - and The Powder Group’s Understanding Photography one-day immersive study of photography is the first step in getting you there.

In this unique program led by superstar photographer Mike Ruiz, attendees will develop an understanding of the terminology and process of the world of photography, and learn the what and why of photography that is crucial to bettering both your artistry and your career.

When it comes to achieving success in the makeup industry there might be no ability or awareness more important than the understanding of the process and probabilities of the camera and what it captures.

Whether you are an early-stage artist or one who has been working in the industry for many years, taking the time to explore and educate yourself in the art of photography can help you not only in your artistry and ability it can also help you asses the needs of each and every makeup application.

In this comprehensive, one-day, interactive seminar, you will be taken through the basics of photography and beyond.

2018 Schedule

New York City
Monday April 30, 2018
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Drift Studio NYC - 508 West 26th Street New York, NYC

Program Overview

  • Photography Terminology
  • Camera Settings
  • Exposures – when and why
  • Understanding the photographer's process
  • Digital vs. Film
  • Lighting and Flash
  • Photo composition and cropping
  • Retouching – the dos and don’ts
  • Beauty photography
  • Creating strong visual stories
  • Self evaluation and editing your work for photography

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