The Powder Group produces a broad range of events and develops programs with varying skill levels in mind for both professionals and consumers. We conduct programs with an understanding that there are many ways to learn, many techniques to use and many opinions on the best means to any end. We recognize that genius is a collective effort. To register for The Powder Group events please contact 1.212.627.7447.

Events take place in New York City unless otherwise noted.

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To register for all The Powder Group events - please contact us at 212.627.7447 or email for more info


List price below is discounted price.


Eye Focus with James Vincent Saturday, December 2 Fee: 160.00*
Beautiful Makeup Sunday, December 3 Fee: 210.00*
Makeup for Mature Faces Seminar Sunday Evening, December 3 Fee: 65.00/55.00
Foundation and Contour Workshop Monday, December 4 Fee: 160.00*
Makeup for Women of Color Sunday December 9 Fee; 210.00*
Airbrush Basics Sunday, December 10 Fee: 160.00*
Natural Beauty Seminar with Suzette Pilgrim Sunday Evening, December 10 Fee: 65.00/55.00
The Lazy Artist with James Vincent Monday, December 11 Fee: 160.00*
Ultimate Makeup Seminar with Alison Raffaele Tatem Monday, December 11 Fee: 65.00/55.00
Introduction to Makeup Artistry Saturday, December 16 Fee: 160.00*
Asian Beauty Sunday December 17 Fee: 210.00*
Makeup and the Music Industry with Colleen Runne Sunday Evening, December 17 Fee: 65.00/55.00
Group One-on-One with James Vincent Monday, December 18 Fee: 160.00*


Marketing Your Career Saturday, January 6 Fee: 160.00*
Kit Focus Sunday, January 7 Fee: 65.00/55.00
The Portfolio Workshop Sunday, January 7 Fee: 65.00/55.00
Lashes, Lips and Brows Featuring Landy Dean Saturday January 13 Fee: 65.00/55.00 *per event
Idol Eyes Sunday, January 14 Fee: 160.00*
Understanding Hair Seminar Sunday Evening, January 14 Fee: 65.00/55.00
Advanced Airbrush with David Klasfeld Monday, January 15 Fee: 210.00*
Ultimate Makeup Seminar Monday Evening, January 15 Fee: 65.00/55.00
Makeup and the Music Industry with Colleen Runne Saturday January 20 Fee: 210.00*
Natural Beauty with Suzette Pilgrim Sunday, January 21 Fee: 160.00*
Focus on Skin Sunday Evening, January 21 Fee: 65.00/55.00
Makeup for Mature Faces Saturday, January 27 Fee: 160.00*
Creative Workshop - Period Makeup Focus with Tobin Ost Sunday, January 28 Fee: 160.00*


*December/January special offer fee. This offer is not retroactive for prior events or applicable toward future events. This offer is good for as many events as you'd like to take during December 2006 and January 2007. Discount does not apply to model fees for model-based events. Discount is availabe to both past TPG attendees and new attendees. There is no cash value to this offer. Attendacnce is limited to 12 persons per event. Events are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Offer is only applicable for events during the two months of offer. Discount will not be extended to future dates for eventsthat are sold-out dring the promotional period.


To register for The Powder Group events please contact 1.212.627.7447 or email Register for mulitple events and receive 20% off most events!