Instry Intensive Beautiful Makeup

SEPTEMBER 20-21, 2020

The Powder Group’s Industry Intensive series changed what was expected from in-person, pro makeup artist events by shifting to full-day, multi-artist programs focused on one area of the industry. Now as the world of virtual programing grows to encompass more and more of our educational, inspirational and connection focused programs, we are proud to launch the next iteration of that series. TPG Industry Intensive Online.

These completely digital, all live, programs will span two days each and offer twelve sessions featuring panel discussions, artist demonstrations and interview format sessions.

We launch our 2020 series with our Industry Intensive: Beautiful Makeup on Sunday, September 20 and Monday, September 21. The program will continue through Fall 2020 with Stage and Screen on October 11 and 12, and The Creatives on November 8 and 9.

Participation is open to all beauty industry professionals. TPG Pro Members and Members of the Local 706 and 798 receive preferred rate of $190 for the two-day session. PBA Members participate at $290 and non-members $390.

The program will be available for rewatch by paid participants for one week following the program broadcast at no charge. It will be available at the rate of $390 after the original broadcast date for those who did not participate in the original broadcast date.

This series, produced and hosted by The Powder Group founder, Michael DeVellis, is a first-of-its-kind program brought to you by The Powder Group, that you do not want to miss! Click here to register now.


Industry Intensive: Beautiful Makeup Presenters


Date: Sunday September 20 - Monday September 21, 2020
Time: 11:00am - 6:30pm each day
Location: Online Zoom Sessions


Pati Dubroff - The Artistry Of Beauty | BIO
In the world of red carpet beauty and celebrity editorial, there are artists who create and those who elevate. Pati Dubroff has become a name synonymous with an exceptional and unique perspective on beauty that have made her a go-to for Hollywoods most glamorous women and brands that are looking for what's next. In this one-of-a-kind session Pati will talk technique, achieving her signature flawless skin, her design process and product as she demonstrates the craft that has made her such an icon of artistry and lead us through a process that allows creative and artistry in beauty to shine.

Making up with Ilde Goncalves | BIO
With a background in fashion, dance and design, Ilde Goncalvez was born to flourish in creativity. His work in makeup artistry started in his home country of Venezuela and upon his move to Miami in 2005 led to a strong and focused path in beauty across the genres of editorial, runway and education. In this artistry focused session, Ilde will take us throughout the techniques and product tips that have made him one of biggest talents.

Rachel Goodwin - The Visual Language of Beauty | BIO
Makeup is the singular visual language across makeup artistry, yet our industry is flush with a wide range of perspectives on what defines beauty. The struggle to cut through the noise and fine tune your own perspective can seem insurmountable in this environment. In this insightful session with one of our industry’s most inspirational voices, Rachel Goodwin will help you translate and decode the visual language of beauty and find your true beauty voice.

Matin Maulawizada -A Career in Makeup | BIO
Renowned for his kindness, unique approach to clean beauty, flawless skin and client wellness, Matin Maulawizada is truly one of the most exceptional artists in our industry. In this career focused program Matin will share his approach to technique, product choice and service level that have made him the go-to makeup artist for the top women in entertainment including Claire Danes, Tracie Ellis Ross, Awkwafina, Mandy Moore and Angelina Jolie. Matin will also discuss his perspective on the importance of generosity in artistry and Matin's long time support organization Afghan Hands.

Making Up With Alexx Mayo | BIO
In this first-ever program with one of our industry’s fastest rising starts, Alexx Mayo will chat technique and product and demonstrate the artistic excellence that have made him one of LA’s most sought after makeup artists. His work has spanned magazine covers, videos and live appearances and we’ll discuss the various needs for these types of work and how of course chat about his work with the one and only, beauty icon, Lizzo.

Damone Roberts - Beauty Therapy | BIO
Whether through his award winning brow services, his renowned product line, or his podcast interviews with inspirational beauty pros, Damone Roberts has created an entirely new perspective on what it means to be a leader in the beauty industry. In this career focused session Damone will discuss the authenticity, exceptional service and leadership style that has made him one of the most well respected and successful pros in the beauty industry and how you can ensure the same level of excellence in your pro beauty business.

Orlando Santiago - Defining Beauty | BIO
How we look at beauty as an industry and a society can be traced back to both cultural and commercial roots. In this insightful kickoff to our two-day intensive focus on beauty, Orlando Santiago will talk beauty, the career of a beauty-focused makeup artist and discuss and demonstrate why and how, while we may define beauty in many ways, beauty itself is timeless.

D’Angelo Thompson - Beauty and Gratitude | BIO
Daytime Emmy Nominated Makeup Artist, Daytime Emmy Award-Winning Hairstylist, and author, D’Angelo Thompson joins us for a very special discussion about the beauty industry, artistic integrity and the career of the professional makeup artist in this exclusive TPG program. D’Angelo will speak on creating a fulfilling career filled with integrity, gratitude and passion along with discussing his podcast Gratitude is a Journey, and his new book A 100 Days of Gratitude.

Francesca Tolot - A Career in Makeup | BIO
In this exclusive TPG session, renowned makeup artist Francesca Tolot’s will discuss her career, our industry and the artistry that has made her one of the most iconic talents in pro makeup artistry. From her early groundbreaking work with Madonna, her decade long collaboration with Beyoncé to Vogue covers, music videos and her acclaimed book One Woman 100 Faces, Francesca has created a career that most can only dream of. We are thrilled to be sharing her voice with our community as the closing program to our Industry Intensive: Beautiful Makeup.

Andrew Velazquez - Beauty Impact | BIO
Beauty means so many things to so many people, and when an artist takes the definition from basic to bold it can take on an all new, elevated meaning. In this artistry focused session, Los Angeles makeup artist Andrew Velazquez will talk product and technique while demonstrating those special pops of artistry that have made his name synonymous with impactful beauty.

Beauty and the Bride - Tami Bernard | BIO,  Joanne McDonough | BIO,  Aga Rhodes | BIO,  Despina Scandalis | BIO
Whether last year’s 500 person wedding on a sea cliff in Maine, or today’s micro or virtual wedding, one thing is certain - the bride will be beautiful. This session with four rockstars of bridal will discuss what bridal beauty is today, and how we have adapted for the times as an industry. Focused on product, technique and makeup longevity this session will discuss the consideration for various types of weddings and needs of the diverse bridal community.

Beautiful Skin - Julia Dalton-Brush | BIO,  Sarah Lucero | BIO,  Alphonse Wiebelt | BIO,  Romero Jennings | BIO,  Candace Corey | BIO
From skin care and complexion products to technique for contouring and color application, there are nuances of technique and product choices that make some makeup artists stand out as simply the best at creating that flawless skin we want for every application. In this panel discussion with four of our industry’s standout pros we’ll learn the tips and tricks that have helped them create that perfectly perfected skin we all crave for our clients and ourselves.


Sunday September 20th
  • 11:00am | Orlando Santiago - Defining Beauty
  • 12:00pm | Pati Dubroff - The Artistry of Beauty
  • 1:15pm | D’Angelo Thompson - Beauty and Gratitude
  • 2:45pm | Beautiful Skin - Julia Dalton-Brush, Candace Corey, Sarah Lucero, Alphonse Wiebelt & Romero Jennings
  • 4:00pm | Making Up With Alexx Mayo
  • 5:15pm | Matin Maulawizada - A Career in Makeup
Monday September 21st
  • 11:00am | Making up with Ilde Goncalvez
  • 12:00pm | Damone Roberts - Beauty Therapy
  • 1:15pm | Rachel Goodwin - The Visual Language of Beauty
  • 2:45pm | Beauty and the Bride - Tami Bernard, Joanne McDonough, Aga Rhodes & Despina Scandalis
  • 4:00pm | Andrew Velazquez - Beauty Impact
  • 5:15pm | Francesca Tolot - A Career in Makeup
**Program, presenters and schedule is subject to change based on artist availability.


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Non-Members: $390.00 | REGISTER NOW!

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