The Powder Group events are presented by working makeup artists and experts from every area of the industry who possess a genuine passion for sharing their knowledge and skills. We work to ensure that you are offered a wide variety of programs, personalities and methods.

By developing events that have real-life work experience as their foundation, we ensure that program participants will gain a current and meaningful understanding of the subject matter along with an industry insider’s point-of-view. We invite you to bring your own experiences to the table and share in the experience by becoming a part of it while developing new relationships with other participants and with the leading artists in the industry.

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Billy B
Tobi Britton
Justen Brosnan
Arthur Cohen
Landy Dean
Michael DeVellis
DeShawn Hatcher
Kelly Gleason
David Klasfeld
Johnny Lavoy
Sheila McKenna
Tobin Ost
Eve Pearl
Alison Raffaele Tatem
Colleen Runne'
James Vincent