The Wellness Symposium

April 15 - 18 2018
Ruby Room, Chicago

No matter what area of work you are in, the stresses of creating a successful career can become all encompassing, overwhelming and detrimental to your well-being. Making better decisions, focusing on you and figuring out your needs, as well as understanding and examining your physical and emotional effect on the world around you is an everyday challenge for many of us.

In this unique and interactive program, led by Ruby Room founder Kate Leydon, experts from various fields of wellness will bring attendees through a broad range of subject matter, all focused on creating a stronger sense of wellness in their life and career. This program will set you on a new path to becoming a stronger YOU.

The Wellness Symposium will be set up in two parts. On day one Kate and our wellness presenters will be joined by The Powder Group founder, Michael DeVellis for our Wellness 101 portion of the program. This will include an interactive overeview of wellness across various areas, and will incorporate techniques and methods.

On days two and three Kate and our wellness experts will continue the program with a more in-depth look into a wide range of wellness focuses. Attendees have the option of participating in only Wellness 101, or taking the entire three-day program.

The Wellness Symposium will explore wellness through the focuses of Physical, Social, Occupational, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual wellness. We will also look at how we can incorporate wellness into our daily lives and work. To learn more about each specific area of focus please click here

The Wellness Symposium will open you up to new ideas and show you tools and techniques for incorporating wellness into your life everday. Learn about energy, and its overall affects on you, your replationship with yourself and those around you. Walk away with tangible tools to begin creating your very own style of wellness to cultivate on a daily basis. Attendees will gain get access to tools and experience how it feels to let go of old thinking and patterns that hold you back from growth and creation. We will learn about and explore daily rituals that help keep energy clear and protected. We will participate in sacred ceremonies to release what no longer serves us and we will leave with the knowledge to return yourself to a state of grace and peace during deeply stressful times.

2018 Schedule

    Sunday, April 15 - attendee arrivals and evening welcome ceremony
    Monday, April 16 - Wellness 101 - one day participation
    Monday - Wednesday, April 16-18 - full program participation
    Ruby Room - 1743-45 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60622
  • *Due to the personalized nature of this program space is limited, your deposit ensures your participation.
    **Program times may vary per day based on session length and dynamic. Full program attendees are asked to arrive in Chicago prior to 5:00 pm on Sunday, April 15 and to plan for a program wrap by approximately 6:00 pm on Wednesday, April 18.


Wellness 101 (Day One) Only Full Program Participation:

Additional Information

  • Stayng at the Ruby Room: Attendees will be offered 10% off guest room pricing of $119-139 per night at Ruby Room.
  • Ruby Room Services: Attendees will be offered 10% off pricing on a selection of Ruby Room's renowned services after the program.

Due to the personalized nature of this program space is limited, your deposit ensures your participation.  For more information contact or call 212.627.7447.


Deposit - $100

TPG PRO Member ONE DAY - $290

Non-TPG Member ONE DAY - $390

TPG Pro Member Full Program - $590

Non-TPG Pro Member Full Program - $790