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The Powder Group provides makeup artists, businesses and all those in the professional beauty industry the opportunity to fine-tune their craft and strengthen their careers. We offer a variety of one-on-one and group events to help make the most of your passion for makeup artistry.
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Career Counseling
No matter how long you’ve been in the business, you should always focused on growing, evolving and finding the next steps for your artistry and your career. Our career counseling sessions help to get you moving in the direction that best suits your personal and professional needs and can be taken as one-of sessions or as multiple sessions scheduled over time.

Whether it’s a serious talk about how to get out of an inspirational rut, an industry overview for new makeup artists, an exploration of creativity, a portfolio review or other business development chat, our One-on-One sessions provide you with exactly what you need, on your terms and with 100% focus on you.

Regional Talent Listing
Wherever you are or wherever you are looking for makeup talent, this easy to use listing will help you locate prospective artists where you need them. This service is a paid for listing and The Powder Group does not act as an agent for the participating talent. The listing is intended to create exposure for and to makeup artists in various markets. View the Regional Talent List here.

Kelly Gleason Scholarship for the Makeup Arts
We understand that sometimes the investment in starting your career can be an overwhelming or unattainable one. We’ve introduced this special scholarship program in honor of our good friend Kelly Gleason, who passed away in late 2007, to honor her work and allow one makeup artist each year to follow in her passion of makeup artistry.

Portfolio and Website Review
Your images are the single most important part of marketing your business. You need solid images and a clear way to communicate your work through your website or portfolio in order to create the career you want. Our Portfolio and Website Review sessions will teach you how to choose the sessions that you are make the most impact and how to set them up to create the strongest experience for your potential clients.


Business To Business
At The Powder Group we work with large and small cosmetics companies, PR agencies, artist and talent management companies and anyone looking to strengthen their connection to, and understanding of the pro makeup and hair business. From product and program ideation, creation and execution, to product feedback and focus groups, or our signature style of Pro Relations, we can connect your business to the pros you want to know and help your business better understand how to do pro right. Contact directly for more information about working with The Powder Group and On Makupe Magazine to up your business's pro game.

Customized Programs
Whether you are a small salon, or a large cosmetics company, or a group of artists working together to grow your careers and craft, The Powder Group can customize any of our programs to your exact needs. From a study of color theory or social media, to our trademark makeup workshops or multiple day programs, we can make our events work to fit your exact needs.

Marketing and Branding Development
We take the promotion of your work seriously at The Powder Group. One of our biggest focuses over the life of our business has been helping artists understand how to create the strongest business and brand possible. From choosing the right font for your business cards to setting up a proper marketing plan, we can get you where you need to go to make the most impact for your business.

On Makeup Magazine is pleased to give the makeup industry a unique and artist-driven way of connecting to the pro community. Published twice a year, our print edition brings the creativity of makeup artistry together with a completely unique pro perspective incorporating all areas of makeup artistry from beauty and editorial, to film and television, special FX to body art. Our online partner website provides an ongoing added value and digital imprint for our advertisers and our pro audience.