Becoming You


In this new and interactive program, our The Powder Group family of self-care leaders will bring participants through a broad range of experiences and exercises, crafted around creating a stronger sense of empowerment, growth and wellness through a deeper connection to Self.

Developed and presented by James Vincent, Sarah Rigano, Stacy Robinson and Michael DeVellis, this program has been developed to give attendees not only practical tools to work with moving forward, but the permission to prioritize their personal development in all aspects of their lives.

For creatives in an industry that requires us to constantly strive toward success, while actively listening and attending to the needs of others, taking time for your own well being can at times seem selfish, disconnected or appear as a lesser priority. Instead we invite our community to see this focus as a tool to help us grow and thrive.

Making better decisions, focusing on you and figuring out your needs, as well as understanding and examining your physical and emotional interaction with the world around you is an everyday challenge for many of us and Becoming You is the program that will help you find your personal next, setting you on a path to living more authentically — physically, energetically and emotionally. REGISTER HERE


Welcome Gathering: Sunday evening - June 5, 6:00pm
Program Dates: Monday June 6 - Wednesday June 8
Time: Monday & Tuesday - 10:00 - 6:00pm and Wednesday: 10:00-3:00pm
Location: Saratoga Springs, NY


Becoming You Presenters


Over the three day program we will:

  • Open you up to new ideas, tools and techniques for incorporating self-focus into your everyday life.
  • Explore the idea of energy, and its overall affects on you, your relationship with yourself and those around you.
  • Develop processes together, talk about tips to implement balance in our lives and put them in perspective.
  • Explore the idea of alignment in our physical wellness and self-care needs so that we have energy available for all areas of our lives.
  • Challenge and let go of old thought patterns preventing personal growth and holding us back from feelings of worthiness.
  • Develop a stronger sense of self understanding, empathy, motivation and drive, allowing us to stand stronger within ourselves and give more to those around us in our personal and professional lives


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Travel - Albany airport is the closest airport. Amtrak goes to Saratoga Springs but only once a day. Schenectady or Albany station are the closest regular Amtrak scheduled.

Accommodations - There are a wide range of hotels in the area from inexpensive motel-style, to high-end properties. If you are driving, there are options within a 10-15 minute drive that are less expensive. That said, downtown Saratoga Springs is a lively and active, with restaurants and shopping. There are a number of hotels directly on or very nearby Broadway and our recommendation is to stay in that area. Some suggestions aside from the regular chain hotels would be: The Adelphi, Spa City Motor Lodge, The Inn at Saratoga and Gideon Putnam (not in town but in Saratoga Spa Park). There are also anumber of lovely small inns and B&Bs near the downtown area.

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Deposit - $190.00

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