Makeup 101


After two years of Makeup 101 online, we are back with our live, in person Makeup 101 program in New York City and couldn't be more thrilled to announce the program dates - July 18-20, 2023

Makeup 101 is the program that has been resetting makeup artist’s craft for the last 18 years but in our new expanded three day program, led by James Vincent, in partnership with Bethany Townes, we will help develop a deep and focused understanding of our industry, your craft and you as an artist like never before.

Updated and redesigned for todays artists who are reimagining what the role of a makeup artist is and how we can use makeup in many varied ways to make a living, create a space for ourselves in a competitive industry and allow us to define success on our own terms.

This updated Makeup 101 is designed to bring you through the fundamentals as well as develop your crictial eye, your creative practices and your ability to work more efficiently and effectively with clients. We will critique and offer instruction based on your individual skill level and experience including portfolio building.

We will explore updated industry terminology, modern marketing and brand building and touch on social media that is geared more towards your art and individual needs and expression. We will talk through different areas of the industry and the opportunity each affords. We will breakdown your tool selection and teach you how to choose the proper brushes and product for you. We will take you through an interactive kit presentation to help you build the most effective makeup kit category by category.

We will deep dive into color and the elements of art and take you through interactive work sessions to explore complexion and foundation, identify and map out face shapes and finish your complexion perfectly. You will have the opportunity to apply a light coverage, medium coverage and full coverage foundation and incorporate and better understand underpainting, shape and structure and color correction. This session will be hands on and interactive and you will leave with your own face maps and tools to bring into your client consulations and makeup design.

Each day you will be brought through the design and application process from fundamentals to advanced ar your own experience level. We will learn to design and create makeup looks that are camera ready and incorporate the looks that are the foundations of every makeup.

We will breakdown and map the face for the following to help you feel. comfortable and confident. James will take you through the why, what, when and where and workshop you through the how. We will learn to ensure each makeup is ready for today's cameras and well informed clients.

Makeup 101 is not only an amazing way to get your start in truly understanding the process and world of the professional makeup artist, but is a great way to rethink, regroup and rework your artistry for those who have already been working in the industry but want to move their artistry to the next level. Now with a full-day of hands-on workshop, this program is more artistry focused than ever and will help you up every area of your makeup game. Makeup 101 is sponsored by MUSE Beauty Pro, Skindinavia, OMNIA, Beekman 1802, Cinema Secrets, SENNA Cosmetics, Alcone Company, Anisa Beauty, Rebels and Outlaws, Alchimie Forever, Makeup Designory and RCMA Makeup. REGISTER NOW!

2023 Schedule

Date: Tuesday July 18 - Thursday July 20, 2023
Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm each day
Location: Make-up Designory - 65 Broadway 15th Floor New York City


James Vincent Bethany Townes Our Makeup 101 program will once again be led by The Powder Group's, Director of Artistry, and co-founder of Rebels and Outlaws, James Vincent | BIO. Once again joining James Vincent as co-presenter throughout the three day program is local 798 member and TPG educator, Bethany Townes | BIO


Makeup 101


  • Industry Review - what types of work is out there now and what is the best area for your personal situation.
  • Industry Terminology - from tear sheets to your CV to HD, what do the key terms used on a daily basis in the business of makeup artistry mean and how do they affect you.
  • Getting Started - how do you go from learning about makeup artistry to actively working in the business and from assisting up to keying a project.
  • Marketing and Promotion - using photos, websites, business cards, social media and more to promote your business in the most efficient and cost effective ways.
  • Social Media - how to include this critical area of promotion in your marketing mix successfully. What are the dos and don’ts. How to successfully brand and promote your work using social media, video content, tagging, hashtags.
  • Your Makeup Kit - what goes into a strong and effective makeup kit. How do you edit your kit per job. What will you need to be sure to keep as a must-have in your makeup kit.
  • Brushes - review of the most important tool you will use as a makeup artist. Density, shape, fiber type and cleaning your brushes are reviewed.
  • Tools - what are the must-have tools every makeup artist needs to keep in their kit, how do you use them and what extras should you keep around just in case.
  • Hygiene - what do you need to know about keeping yourself, your tools and your products in the best shape possible and how do you maintain the cleanest, safest work environment and experience for your clients.
  • Working with a Client - understanding how to create the most memorable experience for your clients, understanding non-verbal communication and what questions to ask before you get started.
  • Color Theory - the absolute necessity for every makeup artist to understand when considering every aspect of their makeup artistry. Color correction, choosing and mixing foundation shades, deciding on color product choices - all revolve around this critical aspect of makeup artistry.
  • Beauty Makeup Application - this covers nearly all the work you will do on a daily basis. Getting a strong basic makeup application to look flawless is the foundation for all aspects of makeup artistry.
  • Editorial, Photography and HD Makeup Application - this portion of the event covers how to move your work from basic to beyond beauty.
  • Self Evaluation – learn how to self-critique/evaluate your work regardless of your level of expertise in the industry and your area of work and develop your eye to understand how to make your makeup flawless in person as well as see what the camera will capture.

Makeup 101 demonstration and application portion of the event we will cover:

  • Color - theory and practice
  • Skin Prep for every client
  • Complexion Coverage - sheer, light, medium and full
  • Face Shape and Structure - highlight and contour fron underpainting to finishing
  • Brows - mapping, shape and structure
  • Lashes - individual and strip
  • Blush and Bronzer
  • Lip and Liner
  • Set and Finish
  • Eye shapes and structure and essential eye looks including color eash, smokey eye, glam and creative. We will deep dive into identifying eye shapes and using color and technique to perfect them.


Attendees will receive a list of products needed prior to the start of this program.


Health and Safety

Please note that all attendees must be fully vaccinated or show a negative test result within 48 hours of program start date. Unvaccinated attendees must remain masked indoors during the program. Depending on the circumstances at the time of the program, additional testing requirement may be in place for all attendees. Local or state regulations supersede this policy and take precedent. This policy subject to change based on current CDC recommendations at the time of the program.

For more information or to register by phone please contact 212.627.7447, or email

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