Makeup 101


After an amazing first-ever Makeup 101 Online last year, we are thrilled to present an updated Makeup 101 Online program with an added day and with the addition of four of our community's most inspirational educators.

Makeup 101 is the program that has been resetting makeup artist’s craft for the last 17 years but in our new expanded digital session we will present three days, led by James Vincent, that will help develop a deep and focused understanding of our industry, your craft and you as an artist. With program pieces presented by Bethany Townes, Orlando Santiago, Aga Rhodes, Despina Scandalis and Michael DeVellis, this program is like no other in the industry! Not just for new artists, Makeup 101 takes you beneath your process and guides you, through personal development, from the basics and beyond, to a new, more focused way of looking at your work and who you want to be as an artist.

Makeup 101 is the program that separates fact from fiction. It gets you to an elevated place in your artistry, technique, career and the overall art of being a strong, working, makeup artist today and tomorrow. In an industry that has been forced to face new realities on many levels we want to prepare you for today's industry.

Makeup 101 is not only an amazing way to get your start in truly understanding the process and world of the professional makeup artist, but is a great way to rethink, regroup and rework your artistry for those who have already been working in the industry but want to move their artistry to the next level. Now with a full-day of hands-on workshop, this program is more artistry focused than ever and will help you up every area of your makeup game. REGISTER NOW!

Makeup 101

2021 Schedule


Monday April 19 - Wednesday April 21, 2021
TIME: 12:00pm - 1:30pm, 2:00pm - 3:30pm & 4:00pm - 5:30pm each day


We are so pleased to announce three inspiring and informative days of industry insight, technique, product and artistry led by The Powder Group, Director of Artistry, James Vincent | BIO and our own Bethany Townes | BIO, along with Orlando Santiago, Aga Rhodes, Despina Scandalis and Michael DeVellis.

James Vincent Bethany Townes Orlando Santiago Michael DeVellis Despina Aga


  • Industry Review - what types of work is out there now and what is the best area for your personal situation.
  • Industry Terminology - from tear sheets to your CV to HD, what do the key terms used on a daily basis in the business of makeup artistry mean and how do they affect you.
  • Getting Started - how do you go from learning about makeup artistry to actively working in the business and from assisting up to keying a project.
  • Marketing and Promotion - using photos, websites, business cards and more to promote your business in the most efficient and cost effective ways.
  • Social Networking – how to include this critical area of promotion in your marketing mix successfully. What are the dos and don’ts. How to successfully brand yourself completely using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and so on.
  • Your Makeup Kit - what goes into a strong and effective makeup kit. How do you edit your kit per job. What will you need to be sure to keep as a must-have in your makeup kit.
  • Brushes - review of the most important tool you will use as a makeup artist. Density, shape, fiber type and cleaning your brushes are reviewed.
  • Tools - what are the must-have tools every makeup artist needs to keep in their kit, how do you use them and what extras should you keep around just in case.
  • Hygiene - what do you need to know about keeping yourself, your tools and your products in the best shape possible and how do you maintain the cleanest, safest work environment and experience for your clients.
  • Working with a Client - understanding how to create the most memorable experience for your clients, understanding non-verbal communication and what questions to ask before you get started.
  • Color Theory - the absolute necessity for every makeup artist to understand when considering every aspect of their makeup artistry. Color correction, choosing and mixing foundation shades, deciding on color product choices - all revolve around this critical aspect of makeup artistry.
  • Beauty Makeup Application - this covers nearly all the work you will do on a daily basis. Getting a strong basic makeup application to look flawless is the foundation for all aspects of makeup artistry.
  • Editorial, Photography and HD Makeup Application - this portion of the event covers how to move your work from basic to beyond beauty.
  • Self Evaluation – learn how to self-critique/evaluate your work regardless of your level of expertise in the industry and your area of work and develop your eye to understand how to make your makeup flawless in person as well as see what the camera will capture.

Makeup 101 demonstration and application portion of the event we will cover:

  • Preparing the Skin
  • Understanding skin type
  • Foundation matching and application
  • Color correction
  • Using texture
  • Highlight and Contour
  • Concealer and camouflage
  • Brow shape and application
  • Eye shape and size
  • Eye color application
  • Eye lining - powders, creams and liquids
  • Lashes - curling, mascara, false lashes
  • Bronzers and blush
  • Lips - pencils and lip color application
  • Shaping the lips
  • Hygiene and Sanitation
  • setting up makeup


Attendees will receive a list of products needed prior to the start of this program.


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