One on One Career Coaching

What better time than the change to a new year to rethink and regroup on your career and a One-on-One Career Coaching Session with The Powder Group, The Makeup Show and On Makeup Magazine founder Michael DeVellis and James Vincent, Directory of Artistry, is the perfect way to make it happen. Whether by phone, or via Zoom, one session or a series, The Powder Group's One-on-One's will move your career into overdrive. What do you need a One-on-One for?

  • Getting more work
  • Artistic Development
  • Wellness and Personal Development
  • Branding review, feedback and input
  • What's right and what needs work focus for any area your business
  • Getting yourself out of a place where you feel stuck
  • Website, portfolio and image review
  • General business development and marketing planning
  • Creating greater visibility for your work
  • How to connect to, and get work from, new clients
  • Making a bigger impact in your industry
  • Finding great photographers and other business partners to work with
  • Business plan development
  • Social Media review and directional feedback
  • Having an outside, industry-aware, perspective on your business
  • And literally anything else you can think of...

In an industry that is overwhelmed with new artists everyday, and more competition The Powder Group is pleased to continue to provide career building tools that are sure to move your career into overdrive.

There is no career topic off the table for these intensive sessions. Whether you are looking for a one-time overview of your business and feedback to get you on a more successful path, or monthly coaching that will help you build your business over time, Annual, Monthly and One On One Career Coaching from The Powder Group is exactly what you've been looking for.

More program specifics are below. I hope you'll find this opportunity a great benefit to your career development. I look forward to working with you! To register for any of our One-on-One opportunities please contact directly.

Michael DeVellis
Founder/Executive Director, The Powder Group


In addition to our regular One On One business and artistry sessions, we offer annual and monthly career coaching formats that will allow you unprecedented access to me personally to help you craft every aspect of your business. Non TPG Pro members are able to purchase hourly one-on-one sessions for $250 for 60 minutes. TPG Pro member rates are noted below.

Three options are exclusively available for TPG Pro members:

  • One-time sessions are $200 for 90 minutes.
  • Monthly sessions are $140 for 60 minutes month when purchased as 6 month increments.
  • Annual coaching sessions are $120 for 60 minutes when purchased in 12 month increments.

Monthly coaching packages include the following during your coaching agreement:

  • 60 minute monthly Coaching Session
  • Monthly social media review and feedback
  • Monthly website review and update
  • Monthly photo review
  • Ongoing email follow up
  • $100 per hour additional sessions during your coaching agreement.
  • Additional 10% discount on all Events and Programs for the length of your coaching agreement. This discount is taken off the TPG Pro member pricing.

Monthly coaching is exclusively available to TPG Pro members. Individual Coaching Sessions are available to non-members at the rate of $250 for a 60 minute session. Sessions must be paid in advance to secure the special monthly rate. Annual coaching payment can be made in two payments at the start of each six month period. Ongoing follow ups are within reason and bigger or more time consuming topics will be pushed to next monthly coaching session. All sessions are available by phone or Zoom.

To register for Annual Career Coaching or One-on-One sessions please contact directly.