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Brand new for 2024. Let’s get Back To Basics with technique and craft at the forefront of these online programs all year long. This is no ordinary basic makeup program - this is the series that will up your technique game by pushing you to rethink, rework and refresh everything about your artistry from the ground up.

This ten session program will run monthly with an approximately two hour online session by James Vincent focused on a deep dive into one area of artistry technique. Each session of the program will be available for a one month on-demand rewatch.

Programs are available as individual sessions or artists can purchase the full year at a special discounted rate. For full year registrations that are signed up for after the first program, back sessions will be made available to those artists for one month rewatch of each of the missed sessions. All sessions are scheduled for 12:00 PM Eastern on the day of that session. Sessions will run approximately 90-120 minutes. A one-month on-demand rewatch will be sent out the following day for that session.

Back To Basics is sponsored by ESUM, Skindinavia, Beekman 1802, RCMA Makeup, OMNIA, Cinema Secrets, Alcone Company, Nigel Beauty, Codex Labs, Kryolan and Rebels and Outlaws. REGISTER Here


Back to Basics


All sessions are scheduled for 12:00 PM Eastern on the day of that session. Sessions will run approximately 90-120 minutes. A one-month on-demand rewatch will be sent out the following day for that session.

  • March 11 - Color Theory: For Correcting and Creating
    In this new color driven session James Vincent brings you from theory to design and application with a practical guide to color theory. Reframe the way you think about color for correction, creation and customization and develop your own eye and aesthetic for color as your most powerful tool.

  • April 22 - Facial Structure and Design
    Theory, tools and technique to help you better understand the face in front of you and the power and possibilities of makeup. Learn to identify different face shapes and to map out your makeup to bring out the best in your client as well as explore blush, bronzer and contour driven product.

  • May 13 - Cover and Conceal
    We will reexamine and discuss the difference between sheer, light, medium and full coverage in theory and practice and what that means for coverage decisions. I will discuss about deciding on coverage for a client and educating clients on manipulation of foundation, color correct and concealer to customize a client's coverage as well as extreme cover like birthmark and tattoos.

  • June 17 - Beyond Highlight and Contour
    Complexion, Shape and dimension are all important to understanding the design and application of each makeup. In this session we will identify and explore the tools and technique for taking what you understand about color, form, line and face shape and see what product and pro tips can elevate any basic makeup to a more editorial level or to reshape and reimagine the face.

  • July 15 - Designing the Brow
    Eyebrows frame the eye, frame the face and carry across mood and expression. In this session we will explore linw, shape and purpose as well as breakdown which product formulas and finishes help you create your desired brow for maximum impact.

  • August 19 - Everything Eyes
    Recognizing eye shape and implementing an approach rhat suits each is as important as knowing the fundamentals if eye application. In this session you will learn to identify and map out your makeup designs more effectively for every clients eye and gain an understanding of several classic eye applications.

  • September 9 - Brow, Lash and Lip
    We will explore, explain and demonstrate perfecting the relationship between eyebrow, eyelash and lip through presentation and demonstration. Mascara and false lash, lip defining, lining and contouring and finishing will be covered.

  • October 14 - Out of Kit FX
    A basic knowledge of FX is a benefit for every artist. Easy FX like scars, cuts, burns and bruises can all be created with the product we all carry every day. James will take you through some of the fundamentals and demonstrate a few of his favorite techniques.

  • November 11 - Men's Grooming
    The intricacies of mens grooming are sometimes lost in the world of basic makeup. Understanding the approach to make presenting clients and products that will benefit you can open up a new area in your makeup business.

  • December 16 - Kit Focus
    James will share the secrets to organization and efficiency that will save you money, time and confusion. Learn how to make the most out of what you have while bringing the least amount of makeup to salon or set. We will breakdown the basics of a pro kit as well as explore some of the product must haves for every pro category by category with a wrap up presentation at the end to help you build your own makeup kit checklist.


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