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James Vincent

Date & Time: Monday, April 5 - 6:00PM Eastern
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Mindful Action: Looking Back to Look Forward
Looking back and behind us is essential but not always easy or positive. In receiving the past the rear view mirror effect changes our perception of the actual by manipulating our memories. The unknown has sparked fear in many, while igniting skepticism in others. Protecting family, work/life balance, and practicing self care and good mental health has been difficult. The pandemic has tested the way we work and live, how we feel about others and how we see ourselves. In this session we will explore tools and technique to deal with the grief, let go of regret, love in te moment and lol forward to our individual future. As states loosen restrictions and small businesses and individuals begin to resume social engagement, one of the questions being asked is, "When will the rest of us go back to work and what will it look like?" While some feel excited at the prospect of returning to business as usual, others are apprehensive, and some are left unsure of how to feel. In this session James Vincent will give you tools to process, strengthen your own individual wellness and return to work comfortably and committed to the industry you love.

Date & Time: Monday, April 12 - 12:00PM Eastern
Location: Online Zoom | REGISTER NOW
Creating Your You - Social Media Strategy Now
The “I am” in social media showcasing your art, speaking to your accomplishments and spotlighting your success are all important parts of social media for every artist. The importance our industry and the world places on social presence and inconsequential numbers like likes and followers places under pressure on us as artists and individuals. In this exclusive the powder group session James Vincent explores the importance of the I am in building social media in a manner that feels both manageable and exciting for your Artistry and career. At The Powder Group we speak to the importance of the I Am in developing your person and your presence for success in this business. We will look at the most recent methods for posting, planning and promoting across social platforms and shake off the shackles of algorithm as end all be all. We will. explore real tools and set realistic goals and out plans into place. Understanding that we are sharing art and experience and not just content allows us to create social presence that is both impactful and easy to understand. Bringing the I Am into social media strengthens your connection and increases your enjoyment while giving you an exceptional business tool.


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