James Vincent Summer Series

SEPTEMBER 13, 20, & 27 2023

Our industry's busiest bridal and fashion seasons are coming up quick as fall and the holidays approach. In these Wednesday sessions James Vincent brings our TPG Pros through a weekly series designed to help you develop your editorial eye, strengthen your social media presence and portfolio and put together a better makeup kit for this season of NYFW and non-stop work REGISTER NOW!


Time: 4:00 PM Eastern
Location: Online Zoom Sessions

Wednesday, September 13

James Vincent What's Your Insta? The "I Am" In Social Media - James Vincent
4:00 PM Eastern

Showcasing your art, speaking to your accomplishments and spotlighting your success are all important parts of social media for every artist. The importance our industry and the world places on social presence and inconsequential numbers like likes and followers places under pressure on us as artists and individuals.
In this exclusive The Powder Group session, James Vincent explores the importance of the I Am in building social media in a manner that feels both manageable and exciting for your artistry and career. At The Powder Group we speak to the importance of the I Am in developing your person and your presence for success in this business. We will look at the most recent methods for posting, planning and promoting across social platforms and shake off the shackles of algorithm as end all be all. We will exolore real tools and set realistic goals and out plans into place. Understanding that we are sharing art and experience and not just content allows us to create social presence that is both impactful and easy to understand. Bringing the I Am into social media strengthens your connection and increases your enjoyment while giving you an exceptional business tool.< @jvincentmakeup

Wednesday, September 20

James Vincent Developing Editorial - James Vincent
4:00 PM Eastern

Defining editorial, designing editorial and elevating your work to an editorial level are an important way for any artist to better develop their skill. Understanding which product allows you to work with any and every editorial concept and is as important as understanding the process itself. We watch artists struggle to create editorial and in this session James will help you better understand the concept and bring you through the process of building you eye and ability to tell stories successfully. Learn what must-haves make editorial work easier and allow you to meet any makeup challenge.Listen in as we share the secrets to breaking into editorial and making that skill level part of every application. @jvincentmakeup

Wednesday, September 27

James Vincent Building A Better Makeup Kit - James Vincent
4:00 PM Eastern

Fresh off of New York Fashion Week and prepping for the busy seasons ahead makeup artist James Vincent presents the OG in professional kit building from TPG. Whether you are a veteran in the industry or just beginning to build your makeup kit, James will share the secrets to organization and efficiency that will save you money, time and confusion. Learn how to make the most out of what you have while bringing the least amount of makeup to salon or set. We will breakdown the basics of a pro kit as well as explore some of the product must-haves for every pro category by category with a wrap up presentation at the end to help you build your own makeup kit checklist. @jvincentmakeup

Questions please contact Kenya@thepowdergroup.com


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