The Brand Summit 2021


The Powder Group is thrilled to present the next session of our renowned The Brand Summit online program with more new brands, product education, artistry and inspiration than ever - The Brand Summit Fall 2023, Saturday, September 9 - Monday, September 11!

This three-day program will include 15 pro-focused, pro-loving brands sharing what's new, what's iconic and what's coming next. The program will consist of a series of 45 minute sessions, one presented by each participating brand. Attendees will get to check out demonstrations, product discussion, be the first to learn about new products and programs, ask questions to the brand and get product discounts and offers. Watch and engage during the live broadcast or watch during the two week on-demand rewatch.

Featured brands include: Alchimie Forever, Alcone Company, B3 Balm, Beekman 1802, Clinisoothe, ESUM Cosmetics, FACE atelier, Le Mieux, Kizo Lab, Kryolan, Nigel Beauty, OMNIA, RCMA Makeup, Senna Cosmetics, Skindinavia, and TEMPTU.

Sessions will feature Alexis Bevels, Alphonse Wiebelt, Brad Farrell, Corey Hiratzka, Cuan Kemp, David Hernandez, Eugenia Weston, Grant Karpin, Jake Aebly, James Vincent, Janel Luu, Jennifer Snowdon, Joanne McDonough, Jodi Young, Priscilla Perez and Tanya Deemer.

The program is FREE for TPG Pro Members, Local 706, 798 Members, makeup artist members of regional craft unions and PBA members. To register email Participation for others is $90 for the three day program. REGISTER HERE


The Brands Summit


Saturday September 9 - Monday September 11 2023
Time: 12:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern
Location: Online Zoom Session
(rewatch link will be available for up to two weeks after program.)
**Please note: Brands, presenters and programs subject to change.


Saturday September 9
  • 12:00pm TEMPTU - Tanya Deemer
  • 1:00pm B3 Balm - Cory Hiratzka
  • 2:00pm ESUM - Alphonse Wiebelt
  • 3:00pm FACE atelier - David Hernandez
  • 4:00pm Clinisoothe - Maile pacheco
Sunday September 10
  • 12:00pm Alcone Company - Jake Aebly
  • 1:00pm Beekman 1802 - Brad Farrell
  • 2:00pm Senna Cosmetics - Eugenia Weston
  • 3:00pm Nigel Beauty - Alexis Bevels
  • 4:00pm OMNIA - Jodi Young, Grant Karpin, Priscilla Perez
Monday September 11
  • 12:00pm Kryolan - Cuan Kemp
  • 1:00pm Alchimie Forever - Jennifer Snowdon
  • 2:00pm Skindinavia - Joanne McDonough
  • 3:00pm Le Mieux - Janel Luu
  • 4:00pm RCMA Makeup - James Vincent
  • ** Please Note:All times are in Eastern Standard Time.


JenniferS Alchimie Forever Mature Beauty Redefined - Jennifer Snowdon
In this skin-centric program, makeup artist Jennifer Snowdon takes us through the pro focused products from the Alchimie Forever line and demonstrates the prep and artistry techniques to create perfected makeup for the mature client..

JAKE AEBLY Work Smarter Not Harder - Jake Aebly
Join Jake for a walk through some of his favorite products for condensing your kit, simplifying your workflow and organizing your station. All products available at pro pricing for Alcone Pro members! IG: @alconeco

B3 Balm

Corey B3 skincare and ingredients - Cory Hiratzka
knowing how to know how to talk to your clients abt the skincare you use

Beekman 1802
Brad Farrell There's Beauty in Kindness - Brad Farrell
Head of marketing, Brad Farrell takes participants through all of the newness at the kind to skin experts at Beekman 1802. Brad, along with special guest artists, will discuss all the newest pro friendly and self care products for both your personal use and your kit, along with sharing the brands kindness initiatives for this year..

Alphonse Wiebelt Next Level Beauty - Alphonse Wiebelt
Incorporating the movement of color & texture into beauty with the new ESUM Fall launch. .

Face atelier
David Hernandez From Complexion Imperfection to The Flawless Face - David Hernandez
David Hernandez will take participants through a deep dive and demonstration of the FACE atelier problem solvers that help reduce puffy under-eyes, dark circles, redness, hyperpigmentation, imperfections.

Jordan Plath Drag Up with Kryolan - Cuan Kemp
National Head of Makeup for Kryolan South Africa, Cuan Kemp will discuss and demonstrate using simple techniques and easy to follow steps using Kryolan creative artistry products for the ultimate transformation.

Le Mieux
Janel Luu Inside the Korean Rebel’s Beauty Vault - Janel Luu
CEO, formulator, and skincare disruptor Janel Luu shares an insider’s look at the latest skincare technology at Le Mieux and her recently launched Kizo Lab line, that will transform your understanding of the skincare industry and its impact on your skin.

Grant Karpin Jodi Young Priscilla Perez Artistry Explored - Team OMNIA
Take your brush kit to the next level with OMNIA. Featuring vegan OmniLux filaments and waterproof handles, Omnia brushes are designed for artists by brush experts. Learn from influential artists Grant Karpin and Priscilla Perez, joined by Jodi Young, how OMINA's cutting-edge design and dedication to artists will transform your kit.

Auralis Flores The Creative Eye - Alexis Bevels
Makeup artist and drag personality Alexis Bevels will share tips on creating, finishing and removing the ultimate creative, drag eye looks.

James Vincent Edge Play - James Vincent
RCMA is a staple in every artist kit for creating beautiful complexion. The hand pressed formulas and rich pigment pay off make it one of rhe most versatile products in our pro arsenal. In this session James Vincent shows you how to use these classic formulas to create unforgettable editorial looks with an edge demonstrating new uses and looks from your favorite classic brand.

Senna Cosmetics
Eugenia Weston The No Makeup Makeup Looks - Eugenia Weston
Eugenia Weston, Senna Cosmetics Founder, Emmy nominated, Celebrity makeup and Brow artist will demonstrate and share her knowledge and technique on how she achieves a beautiful glowing complexion without harsh edges, boarders or lines resulting in her signature real skin effect. As an eyebrow aficionado, she will also discuss and demonstrate how to create the perfect wispy full brow that she is ultimately known for using her infamous Senna tools of the trade that balances the entire look.

Jalia Bridal Beauty That Lasts - Joanne McDonough
Bridal industry expert and renowned bridal makeup artists Joanne McDonough discusses and demonstrated the product, technique and experiential processes that make her the go to for the longest wear bridal in the business.

Tanya Deemer Bridal Beauty Elevated - Tanya Deemer
In this seminar, Tanya Deemer will show you how to navigate the entire line — new formulas included — of TEMPTU products in order to deliver long-lasting, picture perfect results for all skin types & tones when working with entire wedding parties.


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