The Brand Summit 2024

SATURDAY March 23 - MONDAY March 25, 2024

The Powder Group is thrilled to present the next session of our renowned The Brand Summit Online program with more new brands, product education, artistry and inspiration than ever - The Brand Summit Spring 2024 - Saturday, March 23 - Monday, March 25!

This three-day program will include 21 pro-focused, pro-loving brands sharing what's new, what's iconic and what's coming next. The program will consist of a series of 45 minute sessions, one presented by each participating brand. Attendees will get to check out demonstrations, product discussion, be the first to learn about new products and programs, ask questions to the brand and get product discounts and offers. Watch and engage during the live broadcast or watch during the two week on-demand rewatch.

Featured brands include: Alcone Company, ANISA Beauty, B3 Balm, Beautyblender, Beekman 1802, Cinema Secrets, Codex Labs, ESUM Cosmetics, FACE atelier, Kryolan, MENAJI, MOB Beauty, Nigel Beauty, OMNIA, RCMA Makeup, Senna Cosmetics, Skindinavia, tablette, TEMPTU and The Makeup Altar.

Sessions will feature Aga Rhodes, Alexis Bevels, Barbara Paldus, Brad Farrell, Belle Feuhrer, Cori Aston, Debbie Zoller, Eugenia Weston, Faye Lauren, James Vincent, JD Kraemer, Jordan Plath, Julia Dalton Brush, LaDonna Stein, Melanie Mills, Mischa Murphy, Nick Lujan, Onorina Jomir, Rea Ann Silva, Tanya Deemer, Terri Apanasewicz, Troy Jensen, Vic Casale.

The program is FREE for TPG Pro Members, Local 706, 798 Members, makeup artist members of regional craft unions and PBA members. To register email kenya@thepowdergroup.comParticipation for others is $90 for the three day program REGISTER HERE


The Brands Summit


Saturday March 23 - Monday March 25, 2024
Time: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern
Location: Online Zoom Session
(rewatch link will be available for up to two weeks after program.)
**Please note: Brands, presenters and programs subject to change.


Saturday March 23
  • 11:00 MENAJI - Faye Lauren
  • 12:00 TEMPTU - Tanya Deemer
  • 1:00 Cinema Secrets - Debbie Zoller
  • 2:00 B3 Balm - Julia Dalton Brush
  • 3:00 tablette - Terri Apanasewicz
  • 4:00 Codex Labs - Troy Jensen
Sunday March 24
  • 11:00 RCMA Makeup - James Vincent
  • 12:00 ESUM - Nick Lujan
  • 1:00 Alcone Company - JD Kraemer
  • 2:00 Nigel Beauty - Alexis Bevels
  • 3:00 Beekman 1802 - Brad Ferrell, Aga Rhodes
  • 4:00 MOB Beauty - Vic Casale, Belle Fuehrer
  • 5:00 Senna Cosmetics - Eugenia Weston
Monday March 25
  • 11:00 The Makeup Altar - Melanie Mills
  • 12:00 Skindinavia - Onorina Jomir
  • 1:00 ANISA Beauty - Mischa Murphy
  • 2:00 FACE atelier - Cori Aston
  • 3:00 OMNIA - LaDonna Stein
  • 4:00 Beautyblender - Rea Ann Silva
  • 5:00 Kryolan - Jordan Plath

  • ** Please Note: All times are in Eastern Standard Time.


JAKE AEBLY Sleeper Kit Staples - JD Kraemer
Stop hitting snooze on these kit essentials! Dive in with J.D. Kraemer to learn about some of Alcone's time-tested products that will up any pros makeup game! IG: @alconeco

Mischa Murphy The Makeup Artist's Essential: Mastering Technique - Mischa Murphy
This session reveals the craftsmanship behind ANISA Beauty’s latest innovation, Pinnacle Skin Brush, for optimal skincare prep and showcases their award-winning makeup brushes that ensure flawless application. Join us to see how a female-founded brand has been empowering artists with brushes that blend tradition with innovation, enhancing both creativity and quality in every stroke.

B3 Balm
Julia Dalton Brush Get Ready With Me - Julia Dalton Brush
B3 Balm founder takes you through the ten minute elevated skin care routine and the ten minute natural clean beauty look for the most perfected work when time is not on your side.

Beauty blender
Julia Dalton Brush Don’t Be Duped with Beautyblender - Rea Ann Silva
Join Beautyblender founder & CEO and Local 706 member Rea Ann Silva as she introduces our community to the Beautyblender complexion range and showcase the 15x Allure Best of Beauty Hall of Fame Original Beautyblender in action with tips and tricks for a flawless, radiant finish.

Beekman 1802
Brad Farrell Brad Farrell It Starts With You - Brad Farrell, Aga Rhodes
Whether in self-care or client care, being kind in energy, technique and product is key to creating beautiful skin. In this session Beekman 1802’s Brad Farrell will share all that’s new at the brand and makeup artist Aga Rhodes will discuss and demonstrate her self-care focus, solid skin preparation for every appointment, at home care recommendations for ensuring your own complexion can be the best representation of your own brand.

Cinema Secrets
Debbie Zoller Period Beauty: The Twenties - Debbie Zoller
Award winning film and television makeup designer Debbie Zoller brings us through the design and application for one of the most requested looks in period makeup - the 1920s.

Codex Labs
Brad Farrell Brad Farrell DIY Hybrid Beauty - Troy Jensen, Barbara Paldus
Join Codex Labs founder Barbara Paldus and Troy Jensen, leader in makeup trends for decades, as they introduce you to this results based skin care collection. Troy will demonstrate his tips for incorporating the line into your makeup routine and his must-have hero products from the line.

Nick Lujan Harmony In Makeup - Nick Lujan
Finding perfect balance of color, texture and placement. Discover the Next Level of Beauty with makeup artist, educator and esthetician Nick Lujan for ESUM Cosmetics.

Face atelier
David Hernandez Creating Complexion Perfection - Cori Aston
Cori will demonstrate how the brand's iconic foundations and adjusters and its newest superstar Glass Skin Water Powder are multi-tasking problem solvers that can perfect any complexion.

Jordan Plath Kryolan Innovations - Jordan Plath
Join Jordan Plath as he discusses and demonstrates the newest innovations from the pro makeup experts at Kryolan including Digital Complexion, Velvet Kiss Lipstick, Vegan Lashes and True Nature Glitter.

Janel Luu Camera Ready Complexion - Faye Lauren
Makeup artist and men’s grooming expert Faye Lauren takes attendees through a highlight on grooming that is not only great for men’s makeup looks, but for every client who needs a clean, barely-there application.

Vic Casale Bell Fuehrer Iconically Innovative - Vic Casale, Belle Fuehrer
the clean and sustainable experts at MOB Beauty will take us through their newest products from their new foundation and setting powder to Cream Clay Eyes and a certain industry legendary pencil being recreated at MOB.

Auralis Flores Drag Makeup Essentials - Alexis Bevels
Drag performer and makeup artist Alexis Bevels discusses and demonstrates tips, tricks and product choices for experienced or new queens and curious fans including products from Hourglass, Pat McGrath Labs and Kosas.

AuralisFlores Tools for Limitless Artistry - Auralis Flores
Join professional artist LaDonna Stein as she demonstrates the opulence of OMNIA. LaDonna will share how and why she selects each multi-tasking tool to craft makeup looks in her signature style and the importance of having the right tools in your kit.

James Vincent Color and Texture for Dimension and Depth - James Vincent
While color pops and adds life, texture adds dimension. Adding multifaceted textures to a makeup design will create a more perfectly finished and dimensional look that will leave an impression with every application.

Senna Cosmetics
Eugenia Weston Color of Year Makeup ‘Peach Fuzz’ - Eugenia Weston
Join Eugenia as she demonstrates the beauty and elegance of the color Peach. Peach is perfect to reign in Spring. She’ll share the tools, techniques, Senna’s curated peach tones and the new extended Shades of her best selling Mineral Mix Foundation to create this warm radiant makeup in celebration of Pantone’s color of the year 13-1023!

Onorina Jomir The Timeless Bride - Onorina Jomir
In this artistry focused session, Paris based makeup artist Onorina Jomir shares the product, prep, finish and techniques that make her one of the top bridal and event makeup artists in the City of Lights.

Onorina Jomir Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine - Terri Apanasewicz
Los Angeles based celebrity makeup artist Terri Apanasewicz will review cutting edge tools, products and techniques that every artist needs in a changing industry including her groundbreaking creation tablette palette.

Tanya Deemer The New Generation of Corrective Makeup and Tattoo Cover - Tanya Deemer
Learn to create undetectable corrective coverage on face and body that will last all day with the staying power products by TEMPTU including the new Creamy Air collection.

Makeup Altar
Melanie Mills Elevated Beauty - Melanie Mills
Emmy Award winning makeup artist Melanie Millswill focus on skin prep, complexion and use of color that will turn every head to toe makeup look, and every client, into the most elevated version of themselves with products including Danessa Myricks Beauty, Cozzette and Melanie Mills Hollywood.


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