A COMMUNITY CONVERSATION: Getting Back to Wor Safely


We have always stressed the importance of safety at work, and now it is more vital than ever. As makeup artists we find ourselves in such close proximity with our clients, that we absolutely must know the safest possible way to do so. A Community Conversation: Getting Back To Work Safely brings together some of the leading experts from across the country and the industry together to help our community seperate fact from fiction and gain a more solid understanding of what we know now, what we expect, and what is yet uncertain about getting back to work in various areas of our industry.

Make sure you're as prepared as possible for returning to work with the shared experience of our panelists Eugenia Weston, Theda Weston, Myra Irizarry Reddy, Leslie Perry, Kimberly Jones, Madeline Leonard, Alyson Hoag and Joanne McDonough. This vital panel discussion is available to rewatch for free. | REGISTER TO REWATCH


Eugenia Weston

Eugenia Weston | Founder - Senna Cosmetics

Eugenia has worked with top celebrities and icons in fashion, photography, TV, film and music. Eugenia was makeup artist for shoots with famous photographers including Helmut Newton, Greg Gorman, Herb Ritts, and Matthew Rolston. An artist, innovator, mentor, and educator, Eugenia’s creativity and love of learning keep her on the forefront of new methods, formulas, and techniques to share with her clients and new makeup artists.

Myra Irizarry Reddy

Myra Irizarry Reddy | Director of Government Affairs - PBA

Myra is the Director of Government Affairs and Industry Relations for the Professional Beauty Association (PBA. Myra spends her time researching and analyzing various issues affecting the multibillion dollar professional industry including local, state and federal legislation. She creates and writes advocacy campaigns, policy positions, and testimony.

Leslie Perry

Leslie Perry | Education and Training Manager - PBA

Leslie has built her career on education, and as the Education and Training Manager at PBA, has unique perspective on how education within the makeup sector will shift to accommodate the new and evolving landscape our industry is facing.

Kimberly Jones

Kimberly Jones | IATSE 798 Steward for Atlanta, Georgia

Kimberly has been in makeup since 1987. She is an Emmy nominated makeup artist and is the Local 798 Steward for Atlanta, GA, acting as the liaison between the makeup and film community of Georgia and the IATSE Local 798.

Madeline Leonard

Madeline Leonard | Founder and Director - Cloutier Remix

Madeline is Founder and Director of Cloutier Remix, Co-Owner of Greyscale Management and over 30 years experience in agency/artist relations, is an important voice for agency represented Makeup Artists returning to work as productions start operating again.

Alyson Hoag

Alyson Hoag | Founder - Authentic Beauty

Alyson works with celebrities, CEOs and thousands of real women helping them unearth their Authentic Beauty. Spanning more than 25 years in the beauty industry, her career includes working with leading cosmetic giants of the likes of Aveda, Borghese, Lancome, Revlon, and Sebastian

Joanne McDonough

Joanne McDonough | Founder - Joya Beauty

Joanne is the Seacoast’s In-demand Professional Makeup Artist & Skin Care Therapist. Licensed in New Hampshire, Maine as well as Massachusetts. Joanne continues to follow her passion for professional skin care, makeup, health and beauty by continually studying under leading makeup artist and beauty instructors at the top skin care institutes.


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