TPG Summer School

AUGUST 4 , 11, 18, & 25, 2021

Summer 2021 is one like no other! We are moving forward together out of the pandemic and once again The Powder Group is here with an August that is packed full of free education and inspiration! That's right, TPG Summer School is back again and once again is exclusively online in order to reach as many pros as possible! This year's completely session is once again is free for TPG Pro Members thanks to the generosity of our sponsors - Skindinavia, Cinema Secrets, Omnia, Senna Cosmetics, ESUM, Beekman 1802, bdellium Tools and TATCHA.

On Wednesdays throughout the month - that's August 4, 11, 18 and 25 - The Powder Group will bring you two (or three on August 25th!) different artist sessions to inform, educate and inspire. This year's TPG Summer School features the incredible roster with Ryan Burke, Stephen Dimmick, Melanie Mills, James Vincent, Ulla Gaudin, Beke Beau, Bethany Townes, Auralis Flores and Michael DeVellis. You can participate in as many sessions as you'd like. TPG Pro members are automatically registered for the entire program. PBA members and union makeup artists and hair stylists attend for free as well by emailing The full program is $90 for non-members.

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Location: Online Zoom Sessions

Wednesday August 4

Mandi Martin James Vincent
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern
Bringing Back Bold
As we, and our clients, head back into society and get back to creating our most special work for shoots and personal appearances, this session will help you move beyond the basic and resurface with your boldest work yet. Demonstration and discussion of product choices, application technique and how to push yourself without pushing too far.

Mandi Martin Steven Dimmick
Time: 4:00 PM Eastern
Working in Color
Whether simply for artistic inspiration, or to pick up essential techniques when working with color, this session will help attendees focus on not only color choice and placement, but the planning, technique and inspiration behind creating beautiful, bright and colorful work.

Wednesday August 11

Mandi Martin Ulla Gaudin
2:00 PM Eastern
Out of Kit FX
Learn basic special FX that can be done without the use of specialty products or prostehtics are essentials for every artists skill arsenal. This something-for-everyone session will help every artists, from editorial to film and television and of course for character and Halloween makeup, learn how to make the most of their products and develop solid basic FX techniques.

Mandi Martin Melanie Mills
4:00 PM Eastern
A Focus on Texture
Product choice and application technique are key factors in creating the most beautiful makeup when it comes to applying texture. This session will take you through how and where to incorporate texture most effectively when focusing on both the face and body makeup. We’ll also discuss different considerations for creating texture for different types of work from live programming, to photography and filmed work.

Wednesday August 18

Laura Shabott Laura Shabott
2:00 PM Eastern
How To Paint
In this fine arts focused program, attendees will observe demonstration and receive instruction focused on the process of creating work in three paint mediums. Participants will learn the differences, the basic elements and unique qualities between watercolor, acrylic and oil painting.

Mandi Martin Auralis Flores
4:00 PM Eastern
Tools and Texture: A Hair Focus
Whether you are an experienced hair stylist, a beginner, or you just want to pick up some great must-know techniques, this session will take you through the proper use of tools and technique for creating your most beautiful work when working with textured hair.

Wednesday August 25
Mandi Martin Beke Beau
2:00 PM Eastern
Mature Beauty Redefined
As product technology and client expectation shift into a new realm of possibility, the techniques, product and the way we work with more mature clients has shifted as well. This session takes you through a discussion and demonstration of what you need to know now to exceed expectations when it comes to working with the mature beauty client.

Mandi Martin Ryan Burke
4:00 PM Eastern
The Creative Eye
The technical aspects of designing and applying the most intricate and exciting creative makeup work requires a strong understanding of balance and texture as well as the ability to move beyond traditional through processes in your work. This creative artistry focused session will take you through all of these areas when focused on creative eye makeup beyond expectation.

Mandi Martin Michael DeVellis
6:00 PM Eastern
On Going Farther
You have come this far - and through a pandemic. This final session of TPG Summer School with help you analyze where you’ve been and determine where you are going next by pushing you past your realm of expectation. Learn how to think bigger and go farther in this first-ever TPG program.

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TPG Pro Members
You can participate in as many sessions as you'd like and TPG Pros are automatically registered!

PBA and Union members email to register for the program.

Non-Members - $90.00