Understanding Photography Understanding Photography

Monday December 12 - Tuesday December 13, 2022

Live and In-Person. Back for the first time in four years. Featuring photographer Taryn Donofrio. This program will feature technical discussion, terminology, settings, lighting and flash, composition, visual storytelling, beauty focus, the photographer’s process and more. The session will include photography demonstration and attendee hands-on participation.

What separates master makeup artists from those that are merely makeup technicians? What can you do to make your makeup applications more successful and make the money you want to make? How can you become more comfortable in communication on set and in your project planning?

One surefire way is to learn as much as you can about the processes and crafts that help to make your work the best it can be - and The Powder Group's Understanding Photography one-day immersive study of photography is the first step in getting you there.

In this unique program led by artist and photographer Taryn Donofrio attendees will develop an understanding of the terminology and process of the world of photography, and learn the what and why of photography that is crucial to bettering both your artistry and your career.

When it comes to achieving success in the makeup industry there might be no ability or awareness more important than the understanding of the process and probabilities of the camera, what it captures, and how it effects your work.

Attendees may bring their own camera equipment or use their smartphone camera for the hands-on portion of the program. All levels welcome. No photography experience is required for participation.REGISTER HERE

2022 Schedule

Monday December 12 - Tuesday December 13, 2022


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Taryn Donofrio Taryn Donofrio

Whether I'm shooting commercial images, an outdoor wedding, or fine art photography... I seek to invoke the senses and create an experience for the viewer.

It could be the colors in the sky, the flowery scent of an elegant perfumed bouquet, the heavy damp air on a misty morning or the warmth of the sand beneath your feet.

From a single image to a series of photographs that depict a story, I believe a photograph is a piece of art that should move the viewer. It requires vision, integrity and passion from the photographer.

I start by understanding my clients needs, their desired outcome from our shoot and from there, I craft the lighting, composition and vast array of elements that makeup the perfect photograph that will transport them back to a special moment, place or experience for years to come.


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