The Powder Group's new Regional Talent Listing makes you and your work more accessible than ever!

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We are so pleased to be offering this service to the makeup artist community. We hope you'll be a part of this exciting opportunity. Regardless of what part of the industry you're in or where you're located, the Regional Talent listing will help people find you when they need talent where you are - and what a great way to also introduce your work to other artists around the world! This new service will be promoted beginning in February to the industry, to agencies and also to consumers looking for makeup talent.

The service will be introduced in stages and by becoming a member of The Powder Group's Regional Talent community during the our first month you'll get a great rate on your annual listing fee as well as a special rate on an optional upgrade to the program later this year!

The listing is alphabetical by state with new areas added as artists are registered for that region. The listings will be a clear and easy to read text listings based on your location and with a key to your specialties. For the first stage of the project, we are offering a link to your own website or to your email address if you don't yet have a website. Next year, we'll be adding images and additional upgrade features to the service. The upgrades are optional and will be at an additional fee - more on that to come!

By being a part of this globally accessible resource, you'll have the opportunity for a greater level of visibility to anyone looking for makeup freelancers in your area. Unlike other paid listings where models or photographers are the focus, The Powder Group's Regional Talent Listing is all about you! Even if you don't have a website yet this service is a great way to get your name out there and give prospective clients a way of finding you.

The annual listings fees for the first stage of the service are as follows:
- $120 - Past TPG program participants
- $150 - All other individuals
- $250 - Business listings with multiple talent (eg: salons/agencies)

You can register right on-line by clicking here and paying on-line for your listing. Next, we'll email you to confirm your details, areas of specialization, web or email link and ensure we have all your contact information on file. Then within two days you'll be a part of the listing.
For more information about our Regional Talent Listing community please contact Michael DeVellis directly at 212.627.7447 or email

Address for the Regional Talent Listing
Address for registration page

Terms: Please note that the following terms must be agreed to for participation in the service. Registering for the service acts as your agreement to the terms. Rates are per listing. For multiple state listings, each state is considered a separate listing. In order to be listed in a particular state you must be willing to work as a local in that area, meaning that no travel fees will be associated with your taking work. Please note that The Powder Group is not an agency and makes no inference of work referrals to talent registering for inclusion in the Regional Talent Listing. The listing is not a recommendation or referral. The Powder Group is in no way liable or responsible for any policies, fees or actions of the artists or businesses listed in the Regional Talent Listing. The listing is a paid-for listing intended to create exposure for and to makeup artists in various markets. All listings must be approved prior to listing. If listing is ineligible for inclusion a full refund will be made for any payments made. Listings must be paid-in-full prior to inclusion and are non-refundable. Inaccuracies in information provided or specializations, qualifications or misrepresentation of work will be cause for removal from the listing without refund of registration fees.